coaching & consultancy for forward-thinking people.


the beginning.

It all started with the idea of providing consulting service orientated to add value to the customers growing strategies by means of creativity, innovation or a divergent thinking as main tools to generate a new point of view to the processes on which there has been working.

A few years later, and in the same line of providing a different look at what already exists, I decided to train myself as an Ontological Coach, to later do so as an Executive Coach and finally as a Financial Coach, always with the idea of expanding the service that I offer to my clients. customers.


I like to think that each client is different, and that is why I provide personalized attention, so that the experience is much more enriching. And since the questions of each client vary according to the context, the category, and the market in which they operate, I analyze each particular problem with a holistic and integrating vision to reach an adequate solution for each need.


this is how i can help you.

coaching ejecutivo

01 executive coaching.

It is a process that throughout 10 meetings solve the main obstacles that are not enabling the Executive to develop its true potential. It seeks to grow the necessary personal skills to manage successfully and efficiently challenges that arise in their professional field. It enhances the impact of results and professional effectiveness.
It helps to identify new ways to solve the challenges that arise. 

  • Lack of leadership and communication skills. 
  • Untimely decision making.
  • Trouble to delegate. 
  • Inefficient time management. 
  • Unsustainable results achievement.
  • Others. 

This training consists of weekly meetings of an hour and a half.

02 training for financial advisors.

The Training for Financial Advisors is orientated to solve the main issues of people who work in the financial world.
In each session I focus that the client can enhance a new performance to achieve new results.

Some of the topics that can be worked on are:

  • Weak prospects recruitment and sales closing.
  • Inefficient time management
  • Emotional management under pressure.
  • Others.

This proposal is orientated to all people who work in the financial field: Agents, CFOs, Brokers, Analysts, etc..

This training consists of weekly meetings of an hour and a half.

coaching financiero

03 financial coaching.

A Financial Coaching process consists on having conversations where the client can achieve the desired results in the economic-financial field, through the coaching technique and strategic tools.

This proposal is orientated to all people who want to learn how to organize their finances and have a change of perspective regarding them.

The program consists of weekly or fortnightly meetings of one hour.

04 life coaching.

In personalized coaching sessions I accompany you to find your own solutions to achieve extraordinary results. You will be able to have a different look at the things that make you unable to move forward and achieve what you are looking for.

This proposal is oriented at all people who want to make a quantitative and qualitative leap in their lives and need to focus on precise objectives.

The program consists of weekly or fortnightly meetings of one hour.

Consultoria estrategica

05 consulting.

My advice is addressed to:

  • Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Businessmen
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Each one of the customers is considered as a special case bearing in mind all contextual variables surrounding the problem that condition their demands for advice.

This proposal consists of weekly sessions of one hour.

do you have a team?

I specialize in stimulating teamwork. I can motivate and assist in the coordination and leadership of groups of people, members of an organization, inducing to search and to streamline diverse ways of working together to generate new projects to be able to grow and move forward with different strategies and new challenges.


forward-thinking clients.

My potential clients are all those whose objective is to reformulate and enrich their activity or business goals, to develop their differential capabilities and advantages, and to optimize their strategies, actions and operating procedures. 


Different resources are used according to the needs of each client, my advice is developed through in-depth talks with motivational objectives. Coaching, creative and disruptive forms of work are tried based on new, effective solutions, of feasible application and in short periods of implementation by means of the following techniques:

brainstorming inverso.
asociación libre.
uso de la imaginación.
eliminación de supuestos preexistentes.
eliminación de reglas preexistentes.
combinaciones inusuales.
sin "propiedad intelectual".


inverse brainstorming.

free association .

using the imagination

eliminación de supuestos preexistentes.

elimination of pre-existing assumptions and rules (including everything)

unusual combinations.

no “intellectual property"

about me.

Founder/ Director

Gastón Hendlin.

Bachelor of Economics (UBA), Publicist (ISP -AAAP), Executive Coach (CICE), Ontological Coach (GROW), Financial Coach (ECOA), Investor and Stock Market Advisor (EXPERTOS EN BOLSA – ICB) and Plastic Artist.

Regional Executive with over 20 years of solid experience in media, marketing, advertising strategy and project management focused on the Latin American market.

the difference.

The treatment is personalized and understanding the needs of each client, I seek to use the most relevant tools for each case.

Services are provided by personal attention or through electronic communication tools such as Skype, Zoom or Facetime.

The meetings could be held in Spanish or English.

my experience.

Some of the most important clients for whom  I worked were General Motors (GM) and Volkswagen Group (VW, Audi, Seat).

I coordinated presentations and developments of Pitch for global and regional companies such as: Ab Inbev, BBVA, Coca-Cola, Diageo, Embratur, Gloria, Gramon, Holcim, Iberia – British Airways, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg’s, MasterCard, Natura, P & G, Reckitt Benckiser; Sony, Telefónica, among others.

Don't be shy, say hi to me.


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